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Lily - 29th March 2000 - 2nd March 2012

A Photo of LilyLily was our first Basset - her pedigree name was 'KOOL KAT at HOUNDSBAY' she was bred by our good friends Len & Ann Williams. We first went to see her when she was 6 weeks old....even then she was a very sensible little puppy she was happy to be cuddled and sit in our arms quietly with no fuss!

We collected her at 8 weeks old and on our journey home from Worcester to London she was a perfect Angel and slept all the way. She was introduced to our 3 Miniature Dachshunds and made herself right at home.

When she was 3 months old we entered her in her first show under the baby basset class, at the South of England Basset hound club on one of their fun days to our amazement she won! then when she was 6 months old we entered her in her first proper show in Yeovilton, she won her class and got Best puppy....this then spurred us on to get more involved in showing.

Lily was a pleasure to live with she was always so calm and sensible took everything in her stride. The time has flown by and we have done so much all because of her...our lives completely changed from when we bought home that little 8 week old puppy.

*The Canadian Artist David Dowbyhuz has been working hard on a portrait of Lily. See how it developed and the finished article in all its glory.

We lost Lily just before her 12th birthday after a short illness, we will miss her so much and she will always be special because she was our first basset. R.I.P darling girl Jake and Mia are waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

A Photo of Lily

A Photo of Lily

A Photo of Lily

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