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Mia - 2nd January 2004 - 25th August 2009

A Photo of MiaDELACROIX LADY DARBANVILLE to HOUNDSBAY - Mia came to live with us in May 2006, she was bred by Phil and Gary Hatter. I had admired Mia for some time and when we had the opportunity to have her we jumped at the chance, she fitted in well with the rest of our pack and soon became my special girl, myself and Mia had a very deep bond.

We had hoped to show Mia but she simply wasn't happy being in the show ring. Sadly shortly after we got her she suffered a pyometra and had to be spayed, this was a great shame as I really hoped to have a litter with her as she was simply a stunning bitch and I adored her solid red colouring, but sadly it wasn't to be.

We went through a lot with Mia, which is why she was simply so special to me. She was a once in a lifetime hound. I truly believe she was an angel that came to visit us just for a short time which is why she wasn't able to stay with us for very long

Our good friend Dr Jon Buscall (Bjorkwood) adapted this beautiful poem by Francis Pilkington in memory of her

Rest, sweet Mia, let golden sleep
charm your starbrighter eyes,
while my lute the watch doth keep
with pleasing sympathies.
Lulla lullaby, lullaby!
Sleep sweetly, sleep sweetly,
Let nothing affright ye
In calm contentments lie.

R.I.P my baby girl, my heart is broken with out you by my side.

Here is a short video of some of our favourite photo's of Mia

A Photo of Mia

A Photo of Mia

A Photo of Mia

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